‘The Big Kahuna’ means the ‘chief’ of the group. This Polynesian inspired tiki bar has all the makings to take you to the tropics and beyond. Known for its unique Polynesian stirred cocktails and specially designed world cuisine menu, this new age restaurant is an innovative mélange of the young and trendy on one side but the savvy and cultured on the other.

Choose from the variety of specialty tropical rum based drinks such as our Rum Keg and The Big Kahuna; mixed with fresh squeezed juices and international rums.

The Big Kahuna appeals to anyone from a local resident or tourist to couples and families. Our open grill kitchen, mouth- watering barbeque, signature cocktails coupled with a delectable menu is just the perfect ambience to unwind and relax.

The Big Kahuna is a spectacularly exciting experience that seduces your senses. If not a trip to the Polynesian islands, visit The Big Kahuna for a taste of the tropics.

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