This Chinese casual dining brand provides the promise of an unparalleled dining experience with an exciting array of dishes and the perfect ambience. Ginger Tiger brings forth a menu that is sure to delight the guests with its modern flair, novel freshness and vitality within Chinese cuisine. Every dish created at the restaurant is an amalgamation of new as well as classic Chinese techniques, which make it ideal for quick office lunches, group hangouts or dinner dates. The team at Ginger Tiger have put together a menu that features exciting soups, starters, and entrees alongside the live stir-fry counter, where customers can personalize dishes according to their taste.

Sanjay Mahtani, the co-founder of JSM said, “The dining culture in Bangalore is rapidly growing to accept more brands and cuisines. Though Chinese cuisine has been part of the already existent cluster of restaurants, we believe that the casual dining format has not been explored much. With Ginger Tiger we would like to introduce a concept in which Chinese food can mean anything from a family-style restaurant to a quick lunch, all at a reasonable price. While our core values of authentic cuisine and premium quality service will carry on to this new name under JSM, with Ginger Tiger we hope to establish ourselves as an authority in the casual dining format in the hospitality industry.”

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